1. College selection guidance  
  2. Transcript/curriculum review 
  3. Application review
  4. Resume review
  5. Essay editing
  6. Interview prep
  7. Deferral/wait list strategies  
  8. Financial aid information 
  9. Ongoing counseling for parents and teens
  10. Assistance with college transfers 


  1. Calm and objective expertise provided by a trained parenting and college counseling coach
  2. Perspective on a hyper and over-stressed process
  3. First hand experience with current application procedures
  4. Up to date information on standardized testing and essay prep
  5. Ability to help candidates balance quantitative information with a strong personal presentation
  6. On the ground knowledge of an ever increasing list of public and private colleges and universities
  7. Familiarity with financial aid procedures

Comprehensive client

You may begin anytime during Freshman year through Senior year. Package includes 1:1 consulting and a one week intensive App Camp (Completion of the College Applications during the Summer before Senior Year).

  1. Evaluation of grades and standardized test scores, responses to questionnaires and ongoing discussion
  2. Development of an initial list of colleges to visit, and preparation for visits and interviews
  3. Help with academic choices for senior year
  4. Essay brainstorm sessions
  5. Selection of final list of colleges, review of applications and essays
  6. Scholarships resources
  7. Application completion, high school and financial aid timelines, campus visit checklists.
  8. High school planning including discussions of class scheduling, summer plans, community service and extracurricular activities.


counseling postcard