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Jody Bothe M.Ed


Certified College Counselor, UCLA

Masters Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education, Antioch Graduate School

Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Vermont

Professional Development Mentor and Regional Workshop Leader and Speaker


HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association)

PNACAC (Pacific NW Association for College Admissions Counseling)

PACCC (Portland Area College Counselors Consortium)

Mission Statement

It is a joy and a privilege to mentor young adults during the transition from high school to college. It is an opportunity to help them bring their future goals one step closer to reality. As an experienced mentor and teacher for over 30 years I have provided guidance to thousands of students and families. My goal is to encourage each to consider a wide variety of options, research them thoroughly, build a reasonable list, and complete strong, timely, applications. I assist in the design of customized plans for students from diverse socio economic, cultural and learning abilities populations.  I enjoy the opportunity to network with admissions officers and learn current trends regarding the application review and selection process. It is the highlight of my professional career to see post high school plans turn into continuing education or training toward personal growth and career goals!