Welcome to College Counseling 4 U

College Counseling 4 U makes the college admissions process easy and helps match students to their best-fit colleges.

It doesn’t have to be stressful!

Getting into college is of course a big job but with our guidance we will break it down into manageable chunks.  We are a one-on-one independent college admissions counseling service offering college admissions assistance with proven success.  From choosing what classes and what extra curricular activities to take to selecting possible colleges and the application process, we will be right beside you through the whole process.  We will make sure that nothing gets left out so you can focus on completing the best application possible.

Jody Bothe has 30 years experience of guiding students on the path of education and will confidently guide the students and parents from freshman year of high school throughout the college application process.

It doesn't have to be stressfull!